DB Museum and Last Day in Nuremberg

Bismillah DB Museum or the train museum was actually the first priority among other museums because Danesh loves train. We spared the last day only to visit the museum, so that we didn’t need to be in a rush, we didn’t worry that we would be late for anything and D could enjoy himself. It’s…

Three Museums in One Day

Bismillahirrohmaanirrohiim Our friend Tasya said that when she had visited Nuremberg on the other day, the museum ticket could have been valid for more than one museum. I searched information and it was true 😊😊. In this city there are 9 Stadtmuseum or public museum. We can buy one day ticket to visit all of them…

 Nürnberg.. Nuremberg..

Bismillahirromaanirrohiim During the Easter holiday we went to a well-known city in Bayern, Nürnberg. Since long time I really wanted to visit this city because people said, “it’s beautiful.” I was more than happy when we finally decided to go there. I bought two ICE tickets only for 76 €. It was the cheapest fare….

Darmawisata KMH ke Schwerin 2016

#latepost Seratus orang Indonesia pergi berbarengan apa yang terjadi? Seru dan ramai!! Bulan Mei tahun lalu Keluarga Muslim Hannover atau KMH berdarma wisata ke Schloss Schwerin. Meskipun atas namanya KMH tapi kemarin itu tidak dibatasi pesertanya, ada juga peserta non muslim yang ikut serta, peserta dari Bremen bahkan dua orang temannya Rani dari Jakarta ikut bergabung. Terima…

Babymoon 3-Budapest Pictures

Bismillahirrohmaanirrohim.. Our pictures.. #latepost Sorry I could not provide more pictures. I probably used my mother’s camera and forgot to copy it. Hope you enjoy it 🙂 -ameliasusilo-