Strolling Copenhagen



After I put my backpack in the locker, I was ready to see Copenhagen. 🇩🇰 ❤❤ As I wrote in my previous post, the morning plan was strolling alone the city and joining the free walking tour later. I didn’t prepare itinerary as the trip was not a holiday trip. However, I borrowed travel book from the library, Stadtbibliothek Hannover. I used the map and checked all of the interesting points.

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My adventure began in front of the Main Station. Just across the Main Station, I could see small entrance to Tivoli Garden which was still closed (it was 8 o’clock). I was curious to see the famous front gate of Tivoli. I crossed the street and turned right. Actually, the main gate of Tivoli was on the left area. But I didn’t know.. ☹ It made me walking around outside the wall of the Tivoli.

Copenhagen Main Station

Bus Stop
Ny Carlsberg Glyptoteket

However, I didn’t get nothing. I found a museum building in the junction, I saw beautiful flowers along the pedestrian, I found the Town Hall and the its big square, and I also met the famous Hans Christian Anderson statue. If you stood on the square and faced the Tivoli, walked across the big street and went straight, you would find the Tivoli main entrance in 2 minutes. Ohh the tourist information centre was located near the junction not far from here.

Flowers along the H.C. Andersens Boulevard
Tivoli Garden, view from Town Hall
The Famous H.C. Andersen Statue near Town Hall
The city of bicycle

Tivoli Garden


Pricey but worth to visit! (my friend said)

After took pictures, I decided to go back to the Town Hall Square and went to Strøget, the famous shopping street in Copenhagen.

Town Hall
Town Hall Square

Christianborg as background
Near the University

Round Tower
Shopping at Strøget

The time run fast. I hadn’t seen much places, when I saw the clock almost 12. I needed to rush because I want to see the changing guard in Amalienborg.

I arrived too early so that I had to wait around 15 minutes under quiet heavy rain without umbrella and no shelter to be found. I didn’t check any information regarding Copenhagen. I had no idea that the weather was unpredictable, rainy, and windy. They said it was typical Copenhagen’s weather.


Changing Guard

It was almost 1 o’clock when I decided to go back to city centre. The latest schedule of Free Walking Tour would be at 2 pm. I wanted to have lunch, find some warmth, and sit before joined the tour.

Along the Strøget, you could find different restaurants. I remembered Seven Eleven, shawarma (started around 40 kron) and Asia food (started around 35 kron). KFC, Burger King, Starbucks, and Hard Rock Cafe was located in the city hall square.

By participating in walking tour, I could see most of the main attraction and hear the history about it. I suggested to join such tour wherever you could find. It was also free, I meant at the end of the tour you were suppose to give the tour leader tips. The Sandemans New Europe free walking tour’s meeting point was located in Town Hall Square. They were easily recognizable by the red umbrella with the brand name on it. In Copenhagen, they always provide three schedule, at 10 am, 11 am and 2 pm.

The Free Walking Tour >> Sandeman Copenhagen

My tour leader was Caroline. She was very nice. Since she knew that I didn’t bring umbrella and I only wore trench coat without any hood, she offered me to join with her red umbrella. Her explanation was interesting and fun.

It was nearly 5 pm when the tour finished near Amalienborg. I went back to the Main Station, picked my ransel up and went to the hostel.

I decided not to buy transport ticket because based the information in the book the interesting places were walkable, which I found true (I’m used to walk in Hannover and I don’t have car). If you want to buy tickets, you can find the information from visitcopenhagen. If you have children the Copenhagen card is worth to buy.

More pictures…

Have you ever been gone to Copenhagen? Did you like it? What kind of experiences did you get?

Hope you like it!



9 Comments Add yours

  1. nyonyasepatu says:

    Pengen deh bisa kesanaaaa 😻

    1. ameliasusilo says:

      Amiiiinnnnn.. ayo mba kesini, sebenernya tipikal eropa tapi beda aja suasananya sama kota2 eropa barat. Ohya udaranya lebih fresh 😉

  2. kutubuku says:

    Semoga puas jalan2nya dimari.

    1. ameliasusilo says:

      Aku sukaaaa kemarin kurang puas tapi jalan2nya.. semoga suatu hari bisa kembali lagi amiiinnn

  3. Seaマ says:

    Keren mba. Bnyk yg bisa diabadikan juga ya. Salam.

    1. ameliasusilo says:

      Haiii… iya banyak spot yg menarik. Terima kasiih 🙂

  4. anis ketels says:

    Aku ga gitu suka sama Copenhagen mba Mia hehe. Feel-nya kurang dapet kemarin. Mungkin karna pas ke sana pas banyak banget konstruksi dan perbaikan jalan ya (plus turisnya banyak bangettt) makanya jadi agak kurang menikmati. Entah kenapa aku lebih suka Malmö daripada Copenhagen.

    1. ameliasusilo says:

      Iyaaa lagi banyak bangunan apalagi di sentral kotanya ya.. aku kurang puas eksplor kotanya kemarin gara2 waktunya terbatas hikks.. nyebrang ke Malmö juga? Review dong mbaa 🙂

      1. anis ketels says:

        Iya mba Mia, kopenhagen kayanya ga cukup sehari kalo mau eksplor semua yaa, dan mungkin better bukan pas musim libur biar agak sepian hihi.
        Nanti yaa insya allah aku posting, mudah-mudahan bisa segera 😊

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