Holiday Starts 

The last exam for summer semester was the day before yesterday and it was statistics. I don’t want to talk about all exams here for sure. What I can say is that this semester was a very short one comparing to winter semester. It started in May and finish at the end of July. I took only 2 compulsory modules and 1 module + 1 seminar for voluntary. Ah ya next week I still need to attend 2 days training.

I would say, I did lots this semester. Not only came and sat in classroom for a lecture, I also took morning Communication in medicine German course. So early May until the end of June was really exhausting.

Since I have two months Summer holiday, I consider to do few agendas and hopefully I can do it! I miss ibu-ibu Hannover, I want to go to Spielplatz with Danesh, I should try new recipes and bake something and of course our little home needs me. If it’s possible, short trip to some cities in Niedersachsen is interesting.

Still eine Hausarbeit is soon to be handed at the end of September. I attend a C1 German course 3 days a week. Some projects are pop ups but I’m not sure..

No.. No.. I don’t have any plans to do vacation somewhere. I wish but no.. No.. Instead of the reason that my baby should do adaptation with his new playgroup, the job of Tuan Besar is a bit impossible for us now. 

It’s summer holiday finally 🙂

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6 Comments Add yours

  1. adhyasahib says:

    Happy holiday ya mbak 😉

    1. ameliasusilo says:

      Terima kasih 😊😊

  2. zbethz says:

    Short vacation ke Berlin kan Mia 💃🏻

    1. ameliasusilo says:

      Eh iyaaaa itu juga vacation ya itungannya hihihi

  3. denaldd says:

    Kangen ujian statistik aku mia. Kangen kuliah statistik juga haha. Sampai jumpa di Berlin!

    1. ameliasusilo says:

      Aku harus konsultasi sama mba Deny nii statistik.. Pusing-pusing asik hihihi.. Sampai bertemu besok yaaa..

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