If I were one of the lucky brides, I would…

It’s been that long since I could have my own time in our flat. Writing, hearing music and drinking glass of tea were luxurious for me. A week ago as I started to write some post here, I clicked YouTube to search an old song by Maroon 5. I just knew they had released new song earlier this year.

Sugar was the title. I could imagine this song would be easy and nice to hear. Actually I’m not a super big fans of this band but I just really much like all their songs πŸ™‚ As I expected, the song was totally awesome!

I didn’t see the videoclip until I heard someone said “Oh my God!”. Then I played it again from the beginning. It was my turn then smiling and saying “Woowww cool!”. Here is the link from YouTube:

If I were one of the lucky brides, I would totally scream out loud too! I could met Adam Levine in person and hear this great band playing in my wedding. I might forget that I’m in the middle of a wedding and would sing and dance. Hey it was perfect! Or it was also possible that I lost my conscious as I were shocked by total surprise : D


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  1. sikiky says:

    if I were one of the lucky brides, I would….

    tagihin tuh tamu satu satu, manyan kan nonton Maroon 5 bayarnya suka suka

    1. ameliasusilo says:

      Hihihihi iya juga ya kak lumayan buat tambah2 angpau πŸ˜€

  2. denaldd says:

    I’m a big fans of Maroon 5. Dua kali nonton konser mereka di Jakarta. Kalau mereka konser lagi di Amsterdam nampaknya bakal nonton lagi haha. Bukan karena Adam Levine nya, tapi karena memang suka musik dan liriknya. Eh tapi bener Mia, sejak video klip sugar ini keluar, aku jadi suka muter. Jadi mood booster ku πŸ˜…

    1. ameliasusilo says:

      Salah satu band yg lagunya menurutku ga pernah ga enak mba Deny. Ada rencana mau konser di Amsterdam ya? Kepingin deh nonton

      1. denaldd says:

        Ntar tak contact2 Mia kalo mereka ada konser disini. Biar aku ada temennya nonton. Ga manyun kayak nonton Coldplay ntar haha.

      2. ameliasusilo says:

        Yeayyyyy asiiiikkkkkk πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

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